Sunday, 8 April 2012

Time for Revival!


Well it's been ages since I whipped up a Podcast, hasn't it!? It seemed to me that I didn't have time to spare writing out and recording podcasts for a small audience.

But recently I had a bo-peep at the visitor statistics over the past few months, and at the comments people had been leaving, and I was stoked!

Thanks for all your friendly words. I'm glad you like what's been done so far.

Can I ask you all to do me a favour? Give me your ideas. What do you want to hear? Have you ever experienced Aussie lingo personally? How did you find it? Did you wonder what the heck the person was on about?

What can I teach you all?

As a student of the Russian language, I find that idioms are the toughest part of any language to learn. You can have a whoppin' load of words in your vocabulary, and a whole stack of grammar rules down pat, but idioms are often so whacky that they are impossible to translate.

So... I'll try and chuck in a few Aussie idioms here and there. Let me know if you've heard one and want me to explain it.

Stay tuned, here she comes!

Words/Idioms you might wanna know:

To whip up: Prepare (something) quickly
Have a bo peep: Take a look (at something)
Stoked: To be very pleased; Excited; Encouraged.
How did you find it? What did you think about it?
On about: To be talking about/referring to.
Whoppin': A large amount/size
Stack: A lot
To have something down pat: To have mastered something; To be a pro at something.
Whacky: Strange; Weird
To chuck in: To include; To throw in.
She: often used instead of "it" in colloquial Aussie English. Example "See my new car? She's a beauty, ay!" (It's a good one, isn't it?)