Saturday, 24 April 2010

What's wrong? Are you SHY?

Hey listeners!

Are you wondering why the next episode is held up? I'm still waiting for your submissions! Go back and listen to the homework I gave you - and don't be shy! C'mon, I want to hear your best attempt at Aussie English.

I've had plenty of wonderful and encouraging comments from all you blighters out there who love listening to my podcast, now it's your turn to help make it become much better.

What was your homework again? I asked you to record your best effort at saying: "G'day mate, howzit goin?"

Record it, save it, send it to

So what are you waiting for? Get a wriggle on!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ep.4: Lazy Rs


G'day! Welcome to my podcast - Aussie English from the sticks!

I've been very encouraged by some of my listeners, who have sent messages asking when the next episode will arrive. Well here it is! This is episode four.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this podcast, I will record something ocasionally when I find time. I'm a married man (sorry ladies) with four children. And that keeps me flat out.

First off today I'm gonna give you a few words in Aussie English, then I'll give you all a bit of homework. Reckon you can handle that?

OK, here we go. First off, listen to these words and see if you can notice something strange about Aussie English.

  • Shower
  • Mister (Mr)
  • Here
  • Plumber
  • Rider
  • Roller coaster
  • Caterpillar

Are you noticing something here? Something about words ending in the R sound? We're kinda lazy and leave it off.

It's funny, cos when I was in Russia, one day I found my translators chatting together and laughing... they were mimmicking the way we say "SHOWER" and having a good old giggle about it.

Our British friends have a similar issue, maybe not as strong. Now compare those words to how an American might say them.

Alright, time to put on my American voice... it'll be close enough for this example - all I really need to do his pinch my nose, haha! (it's a joke)

  • ShowER
  • MistER (Mr)
  • HeRE
  • PlumbER
  • RidER
  • RollER coastER
  • CaterpillAR

Oh yeeee!

OK, that should prepare you for what you might hear if you are speaking to an Aussie. Especially if they say "G'day mate. That shower's blocked by a caterpillar, but I can't get hold of the plumber cos he's stuck on a roller coaster".

You never know, it could happen!

Rightio, we come now to the part where I give you a homework assignment. Have you got a microphone? There's plenty of free audio recording programs at - the one I use is Audacity.

Now I want you to record your best effort at saying: "G'day mate, howzit goin?"

Let me slow that down so you can copy me carefully.

"G'day mate, howzit goin?"

Email your mp3 file to, and I'll pick a few of the best and put them in my next podcast.

--- LATER ---

Well here I am at work, and you may be able to hear the noises of my work environment in the background. I thought I better finish off the recording so I can post the podcast.

It's been a while, it seems it's very difficult to find time to sit down at the computer. So, I'm using my iPod to finish off this recording.

Earlier I recorded some sounds of birds outside my house. I thought you might enjoy that as a little excursion. Enjoy this, and we'll see you in the next podcast.


Cockatoos. Traffic. Magpies. That's a PeeWee. And crows. There's a crow. You can hear the magpies and the peewees. I can also hear a bullen bullen (note: commonly called Mallee Ringneck Parrot, see picture on the left). Well there goes a car, I'm sure you've got those. And sparrows. Sometimes we hear kookaburras.
And babies :-)
I'm holding baby Amalia right now.

Words you might wanna know:

Flat Out: Very fast; Very busy
Reckon? Do you think?
Rightio/Righto Okay; Sure; No problems!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ep.3: Australia Day!


Aaaah, that good old Aussie tune, The Road to Gundagai, played by clarinetist Alex Hutchinson.

G'day and Happy Australia Day!

Yeah, that's right... today is the 26th of January, 2010. We celebrate Australia on this day every year.

So, what about Australia? What is it we celebrate? Well, for some it isn't a celebration at all. In fact, some Australians call it "Invasion Day" - especially the Aboriginal people.

You see, in January 1788 the "First Fleet" arrived from Britain carrying over 1,400 passengers and crew who would be the first white inhabitants on this beautiful island continent.

But this was no luxury cruise, these passengers were mostly convicts. It was not only the first white settlement, but the first penal colony.

There are many songs about that day, and many songs about poor Englishmen and Irishmen who were convicted of a crime and were "Bound for Botany Bay".

You know, even today a lot of English call Australians "convicts", and regard Australia as a barren, desert island.

Well that's a load of hogswash. What would those poms know anyway? We flog 'em at whatever sport they invent or try to dominate! Cricket, rugby league, rugby union, swimming, tennis...

Righto, I better back off a bit, I think I'm gettin' a little patriotic.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate Australia Day than to honour the Australian Anthem?

We have a pretty snazzy anthem, says me. Some people want to change the anthem to Waltzing Matilda, which I think is a totally stupid idea, because Waltzing Matilda says nothing about our country. It doesn't even say the word "Australia" in it. It's just an Aussie folk song, which is good in itself, but not for an anthem.

So here is our National Anthem. Please follow along to Advance Australia Fair!

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free
We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea:
Our land abounds in nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare,
In history's page let every stage
Advance Australia fair,
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia fair.
That was beautiful...

Well it's been great having a good old chinwag with you, but I better hit the sack, cos tomorrow it's back to work! (Unless I chuck a sickie).

Enjoy your Australia Day! Seeya later when ya legs are straighter!

Words you might wanna know:

Aboriginal, Aborigine: Original inhabitants of a country. Native.
Convict: Convicted criminal, prisoner.
Hogwash: False talk, lies, silly rumours.
Flog 'em: To beat them (in sport, games etc), conquer them.
Snazzy: Very impressive, nice.
Chinwag: Chat, friendly talk.
Hit the sack: Go to bed.
Chuck a sickie: Have a day off work due to sickness (but usually when you are not truely sick)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ep.2: Short Words


G'day! Welcome back

Are you a subscriber to my podcast? Did you realise there is a full transcript for you to read along with? Just visit my blog at

I'd really like to read your comments too, so please leave them on the blog.

Before we get started I should explain the title of this podcast. Aussie English from the sticks! I guess you already know what Aussie English is - that's what I'm speaking now. What does From the Sticks mean? Well in Aussie English, "the sticks" is a term referring to a remote or rural part of Australia. If I say "I live out in the sticks", it means I live in the country side.

So, next question. What do you call those nasty little insects that suck your blood in the summer time? Mosquitos!

In Australia, we like to shorten words and make them, you know, kind of cute. So you'll hear us call these insects Mozzies. E.g. "Far out! There's flippin mozzies everywhere!"

You see, Australians become Aussies
Mosquitos become Mozzies
Men in motorcycle gangs riding Harley Davidsons are called Bikies
Michael becomes Mikey

So let's say Michael joined an Australian motorcycle gang called the Mosquitos. You know what that would mean?

It means: Aussie Mozzie Bikie Mikey rides a Harley

Don't worry, you probably won't hear anything like that too often.

But we certainly like to shorten words.

Cockroach becomes cocky
A drug user becomes a druggie or druggo
Football becomes footy
My son Clayton gets called Claydie
And we call our daughter Amalia, Marlie.

So expect to hear words modified in this way - especially names.

Do you have any questions? Or want to hear something discussed in an Aussie accent? Post your requests on the blog. Thanks.

Before I nick off, let me tell you a quick joke - cos everyone knows Aussies are funny buggers.

A chicken goes to a public library and says "book, book, book". The librarian gives the chicken three books which the chicken then takes to a pond and passes them to a frog. The frog takes one look at the books, throwing each one away as he croaks "readit, readit, readit!"

Thanks for listening! Come back again next time... cya later.

Words you might wanna know:
The Sticks: in a rural, remote area.
Mozzies: Mosquitos
Far Out!: exclamation of disbelief, like "WOW" or "Oh my goodness"
Bikies: Motorcycle gang members
Mikey: Short and friendly for Michael
Cocky: Cockroach
Druggie/Druggo: A drug user
Footy: Football (Rugby League, Rugby Union or Australian Football League - NOT soccer)
Nick off: To get lost, go away.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ep.1 Studio in session!


G'day stranger!

Are you looking for somewhere to casually learn Aussie-style English? Or are you perhaps wanting to prepare yourself for a visit down under?

Well, if you thought Aussies spoke just like the Poms or Yanks, you've got a lot to learn! Luckily you will be able to begin learning it right here. I hope that's why you came.

As well as just training your ear to catch the Australian accent, we'll have some fun and learn some real Aussie slang and colloquialisms too.

For now, I'll be uploading the occasional podcast with a written transcript and word list. It will depend on how popular the podcast is, as to how regular they become.

So, are you ready? Bonza! Let's get crackin',

Words you might wanna know:
G'day: Hello. (The friendly Australian greeting EVERYONE should know)
Pom: British person (some British find it offensive, but it's not really a nasty name)
Yank: American person
Bonza: Great! Excellent! (an exclamation of excitement)
Get Crackin': To hurry up and get started. (crack the whip)
Wanna: Want to