Saturday, 24 April 2010

What's wrong? Are you SHY?

Hey listeners!

Are you wondering why the next episode is held up? I'm still waiting for your submissions! Go back and listen to the homework I gave you - and don't be shy! C'mon, I want to hear your best attempt at Aussie English.

I've had plenty of wonderful and encouraging comments from all you blighters out there who love listening to my podcast, now it's your turn to help make it become much better.

What was your homework again? I asked you to record your best effort at saying: "G'day mate, howzit goin?"

Record it, save it, send it to

So what are you waiting for? Get a wriggle on!


  1. hey! just found out about your podcast and it's awesome!! I'm from Sweden and would love to learn how to speak english with aussie accent and some aussie slang!
    Looking forward to your next podcast!


  2. your homework is fuckin difficult! :)

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  4. Hi would u like to practice Russian?
    I've found ur blog on shared talk. Wrote u message there

  5. Hey mate!

    Please continue...
    Your podcasts are useful

  6. Yr podcast is excellent and come with transcript, hope to see more

  7. Hi Brett,

    I've been living in Australia as a permanent resident (came here as a skilled worker and not on a boat!). Since then I've been looking for a good resource to learn the Australian way of pronunciation. Although my Australian friends helped me with it to some extent I always missed a good book or a set of Podcosts which could specifically focus on Aussie English.
    What you are offering here is crucial for me and people like me. Keep up the great work, you are our champ!

    I have a mini web site about Australia. Please have a look and of course if you'd like to, send me a short text about your site so that I can introduce you to more people.



  8. Also is it possible to arrange a newsletter so that we can subscribe and receive your new podcosts fresh? :)