Monday, 4 January 2016

Short and sweet (and very late)!

It seems a normal habit for me to only post a new blog once a year. Soz!

Well, I'm thinking you all might enjoy just a little snapshot of life as we Aussies know it. The thing is, me, the Mrs and our tin lids are actually living in the bowels of Siberia at the moment! That's a bit of a crazy adventure right there!

I reckon if I keep these posts short and sweet, they'll be easy for you mob to read and crapload easier for me to write!

Let me teach you a new phrase. This Chrissy we gave our little daughter a new toothbrush. Here she is. When I was a kid, my dad would always tell us to "Go polish your fangs" - this was his Aussie way of telling us to brush our teeth.

So, do you polish your fangs after every meal?

Strewth! - An exclamation of surprise
Soz - short for Sorry
A snapshot - a preview of something
Tin lids - kids (see Rhyming Slang post)
The Mrs - wife
In the bowels of... - in the middle/deep in...
Chrissy - Christmas
Short and sweet - short and not complicated; condensed

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