Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ep.2: Short Words


G'day! Welcome back

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Before we get started I should explain the title of this podcast. Aussie English from the sticks! I guess you already know what Aussie English is - that's what I'm speaking now. What does From the Sticks mean? Well in Aussie English, "the sticks" is a term referring to a remote or rural part of Australia. If I say "I live out in the sticks", it means I live in the country side.

So, next question. What do you call those nasty little insects that suck your blood in the summer time? Mosquitos!

In Australia, we like to shorten words and make them, you know, kind of cute. So you'll hear us call these insects Mozzies. E.g. "Far out! There's flippin mozzies everywhere!"

You see, Australians become Aussies
Mosquitos become Mozzies
Men in motorcycle gangs riding Harley Davidsons are called Bikies
Michael becomes Mikey

So let's say Michael joined an Australian motorcycle gang called the Mosquitos. You know what that would mean?

It means: Aussie Mozzie Bikie Mikey rides a Harley

Don't worry, you probably won't hear anything like that too often.

But we certainly like to shorten words.

Cockroach becomes cocky
A drug user becomes a druggie or druggo
Football becomes footy
My son Clayton gets called Claydie
And we call our daughter Amalia, Marlie.

So expect to hear words modified in this way - especially names.

Do you have any questions? Or want to hear something discussed in an Aussie accent? Post your requests on the blog. Thanks.

Before I nick off, let me tell you a quick joke - cos everyone knows Aussies are funny buggers.

A chicken goes to a public library and says "book, book, book". The librarian gives the chicken three books which the chicken then takes to a pond and passes them to a frog. The frog takes one look at the books, throwing each one away as he croaks "readit, readit, readit!"

Thanks for listening! Come back again next time... cya later.

Words you might wanna know:
The Sticks: in a rural, remote area.
Mozzies: Mosquitos
Far Out!: exclamation of disbelief, like "WOW" or "Oh my goodness"
Bikies: Motorcycle gang members
Mikey: Short and friendly for Michael
Cocky: Cockroach
Druggie/Druggo: A drug user
Footy: Football (Rugby League, Rugby Union or Australian Football League - NOT soccer)
Nick off: To get lost, go away.


  1. Very interesting podcast. I'd like to know something about communication between Australians and other English-speaking people. How do they perceive each other?


  2. That's grest! Thank you! Just what I need to understand aussies - jokes and pronanciation :))

  3. Hi Brett, I love your podcasts especially that joke. Could I ask a favor for giving us one joke on each podcast? That would be very appreciated.

  4. G'day mate. I really love your postcasts. Bonza.

  5. I love what ya had done. i learnt a lot . can ya pls keep going

  6. HI :) I just figured out this blog late. However, do you have any podcast demonstrating the difference between British accent and Aussie?

    1. Hi Gracie, that's a good topic to cover. I'll note it down for a future blog! Australian English has its roots in British English, but it's amazing how much has changed over 200+ years!