Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ep.1 Studio in session!


G'day stranger!

Are you looking for somewhere to casually learn Aussie-style English? Or are you perhaps wanting to prepare yourself for a visit down under?

Well, if you thought Aussies spoke just like the Poms or Yanks, you've got a lot to learn! Luckily you will be able to begin learning it right here. I hope that's why you came.

As well as just training your ear to catch the Australian accent, we'll have some fun and learn some real Aussie slang and colloquialisms too.

For now, I'll be uploading the occasional podcast with a written transcript and word list. It will depend on how popular the podcast is, as to how regular they become.

So, are you ready? Bonza! Let's get crackin',

Words you might wanna know:
G'day: Hello. (The friendly Australian greeting EVERYONE should know)
Pom: British person (some British find it offensive, but it's not really a nasty name)
Yank: American person
Bonza: Great! Excellent! (an exclamation of excitement)
Get Crackin': To hurry up and get started. (crack the whip)
Wanna: Want to


  1. It's truly Amazing! even /me can understand every word of it (or so I hope). I've read that Antipodes speak in soft and musical voices, but this recording tops all English voices I know.

    I'll check this place every day for MORE.

    lee7, a russian

  2. G'day mate!
    Thanx for your good deeds!
    I'm a russian too, what a coincidence! :-)

    Your podcasts are very good, nevertheless they sound more like radio play rather than the live speech. Can you try to record some dialogs in a manner you speak every day?

    I have no problem to understand all characters in "Lost", however I have failed to understand any of native speakers in real life conversation :-(

  3. Excelent my friend. I going to follow your podcast. Thanks mate

  4. How are u Mate?
    I am Diego I've been living here sinch March 2015.
    I just discovered your podcast. I'm going to listen all chapters. I hope you get back to work here. Because I'll going to share this with my Brazilians Mates. CHEERS AND THANK YOU.