Sunday, 4 January 2015

Learning Aussie phrases

So you're scratching out a plan to visit Down Under? You've been doing some online English course somewhere, such as or If you haven't ever had a chinwag with an Aussie bloke or chick, then chances are you're in for a big surprise!

Righto, well one way to prepare would be to find a good book on Aussie slang. There's a pretty famous fellah named Kel Richards. He's a dead set Aussie, and he's written a lot of books and made a stack of radio broadcasts in Aussie English.

Kel has a bonza eBook out, which is pretty dirt cheap. It's great stuff, and I really recommend it. Click on the book title. If you've got a Kindle like me, you can easily load her up with Kel's books.

Other than books like these, you can also watch some classic Aussie movies. I will talk more about those in another blog, but for now, see if you can get your mitts on a copy of The Castle. *It's fairly family friendly (maybe the rare swear word)*, but otherwise it's a real hoot!

I'll do what I can to help you get ready for your trip to Australia. Just comment below on what you're stressing about and I'll set you straight.

Catch ya next time!

*UPDATE: Upon watching The Castle again, it turns out there are a LOT more swear words than I ever remembered! Maybe it's not such a family friendly movie!

To scratch out: write down, scribble down
Chinwag / Chin-wag: conversation, chat
Bloke: Guy, man
Chick: Lady, woman, girl
Righto: Okay
Fellah: Man, fellow
Dead set: Fair dinkum, true blue, straight up, genuine, real
A stack of: many, lots
Bonza: Excellent, outstanding, great
Dirt cheap: Very cheap, inexpensive
Load her up: Install or boot (e.g. a computer program), load onto (truck etc)
Get your mitts on: Obtain, get hold of
Swear word: Curse word, expletive
A real hoot: Great fun, exciting
To set somebody straight: To correct someone, inform someone

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