Sunday, 11 January 2015

What's your story?

It's time to hear from YOU!

So I've been doing a bit of thinkin. You know, just lying there on my back watching the clouds float by. The question is a pretty big one:

Does anybody really give a brass razoo about Aussie English?

I think that's something you could answer, because I need to know.

Here's some more questions for you, and I encourage you to post a comment and answer them:

  • Are you ever going to Australia, or have you been there?
  • Do you watch any Aussie TV shows? Which ones?
  • When you hear Aussies, can you understand them?
  • Have you done or wish to do any formal study in the English language?
  • Would you be interested in a short video course in understanding and speaking Aussie English?

Once again, these are pretty big questions. As a dad of five tin lids (see previous blog), I have bugger all spare time, but I'm willing to invest it into one or two important things if I know it's helping someone like you!

So... please comment below, or at least share this post on FB, G+ etc. Good on ya mate!

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