Saturday, 3 January 2015

The future of this blog


Hey friends!

Well, it's been a flippin' long time since my last post. I had great intentions of reviving this blog and giving you all some interesting content, but life has been rather interesting for me personally!

So now there are a couple of really big changes in my life. Firstly, I'm living in Siberia! Yep, I moved my wife and four nippers (children) across the globe to the so-called "frozen wasteland". Though, in fact, you'll be happy to know that Siberia is actually a beautiful part of Russia. We love it here.
Me and my boys in the gorgeous Siberian wilderness

Australia is still our beloved homeland. We still have our family, friends and house there. But we're having a little adventure right now.

The next huge surprise was when we had an unplanned addition to our already-big family. So now we have another baby (which we travelled home to Australia to have). She was born in June 2014, and now we are the "Seven in Siberia".

What I plan on doing in the future is making a consistent effort on producing content for this blog. It won't necessarily mean spoken podcasts, as they take a lot of effort in producing. Though I will do some recordings as time allows.

The rest is up to you. What do you want to see? What topics do you think apply to tourism and moving to Australia? I want to help you get your Aussie English up to scratch and ready for your great Aussie adventure!

Give us ya feedback!

Flippin' / Flipping: Very (e.g. I caught a flippin' huge yellow belly at the river mate!); Also used as a non-offensive substitute for that offensive expletive starting with F (e.g. You flippin' idiot!)
Nipper: A child, kid.


  1. Wow! I thought this blog is dead,happy to see ya again))))

    1. Thanks for checking back in Alexis! Please keep me bookmarked and I'll try to stay motivated. Which country are you from? Have you been to Australia?